Student Rules & Policies


    1. Arriving on campus - Students will leave vehicle and not return to vehicle during the school day until leaving campus.

    2. Proof of insurance and driver's license will be checked at beginning of school, around mid-term, and after mid-term.

    3. Parking for students may be found behind the shop and around the old gym. Do not park on the grass or in NO Parking zones.

    4. No vehicle will leave ahead of the buses. Students driving vehicles and walking will meet in cafeteria on last bell.

    5. Any student needing to go to their vehicle during school time must be accompanied by a teacher or an administrator.

    6. Any student violating parking or driving rules may lose their driving privilege

    The students of Pitkin School are expected to act in a ladylike or gentlemanly manner. The use of common sense, courtesy, discretion, and consideration in pupils' actions within the school community will seldom find them in conflict with school regulations.

    1. The state law prohibits using tobacco while under school jurisdiction. Therefore no student should have tobacco in his possession.

    2. Students should be in class at all times. Students in the hall must have a hall pass.

    3. Students will not be excused from class to use the telephone, except in emergencies with the principal's permission. The phone is to be used only during breaks, and there is a 3 minute limit. Students will not be called from class to the phone except for emergencies.

    4. No students are permitted to be in the coaches' offices, dressing room, gym, or dressing room hallways before school or during recess. Students should always be under supervision of teachers. Students are not permitted to the gym during their lunch.

    5. Drinking cold drinks and eating candy will not be permitted during class. Refreshments may be served for special occasions with the principal's permission and during designated concession times.

    6. All students must respect ALL employees.

    7. Public displays of affection will not be permitted.

    8. Discharge or possession of fireworks is a serious offense.

    9. Possession of firearms, weapons, or controlled substances will result in immediate suspension with recommendation for expulsion. Knives of any size are not permitted.

    10. Intentional destruction of personal and public property by a student is a serious offense.

    11. No radios, tape players, or electronic games, or toys should be brought to school.

    12. Students may not bring a visitor to class with them. All visitors must report to the office. Parents are welcome.

    13. Students are responsible for their textbooks and library books. They will pay for damaged or lost books.

    14. See also "Disciplinary Actions" in the Vernon Parish School Board Student Handbook. These are state laws and are part of our school rules in addition to those stated above.

    15. If students attend an event in which they are to compete and fail to compete without the permission of the sponsor, the student will not be allowed to participate in any other club trips for the remainder of the school year.

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